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Traditional Songs for Babies and Toddlers

Teach your children all the songs you learned as a child. These sites include the lyrics to many different traditional songs, as well as the finger movements and action for the more interactive songs. The song itself may be listened to for an additional fee.  Everything else is free.  Singing songs to and with your children is a great way to increase their vocabulary through these simple, catchy tunes.

Links to Important Resources

First Five California -
Talk, Read, Sing -

Early Literacy

What is early literacy? It's everything a child knows about reading and writing before being able to read and write.

Supporting a child's ability to learn in the years before he or she begins reading is so important. It prepares them to do well in school and in life.


Why is it important in Fresno?

55% of 3rd graders in Fresno County are not proficient in reading.

3rd grade reading levels have been found to be strongly linked to students' school performance across subjects as well as high school graduation rate


What can you do? 

It's as simple as Read, Talk, and Play with your child.

Doing this improves your child's:
  1. vocabulary
  2. interest and enjoyment in books
  3. ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words
  4. skill in describing things and events in telling stories
  5. knowledge of naming letters, putting sounds to those letters and then recognizing them everywhere
  6. understanding of what a book is, how to hold it and use it, and the ability to follow the written word on a page
Reading, talking and playing with your child helps him or her prepare to read from birth, and improves their chance of success in school and in life.

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