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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

And Liberty for All

Brought here chained
In the suffocating bowels of hell
Thousands of lives lost
On the harrowing journey
To the majestic shores of
American slavery.

Freedom won
On scorched and bloody fields
A biblical incantation
Declared at Gettysburg
With heartfelt intent
 "All men are created equal."

Emmet Till
Fourteen years old
His mutilated body on display
As a nation witnessed
The shocking face of

Ruby Bridges
Six years old
Clothed in the purity of white
Our experiment in integration
Escorted to school by US Marshalls
While the blood red stains of bigotry
Wept for our nation’s souls.

Medgar Evers
Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Michael Schwerner
Andrew Goodman
James Chaney
Rosa parks
And countless others
Frozen in time.
Standing witness
To the American dream
Their Shadows
Falling across our history
Silently screaming epitaphs
Of loss, throbbing pain
And racial injustice.

Enmity still lives here
Staining the air we breathe
Drenching our sun in blazing memories
Our hearts and souls engulfed
In the gaping chasm of bigotry.

We weep for our losses
Our souls afire with anger and hate
And the elusive and agonizing love
Of freedom, democracy
"And liberty for all."

Lesa S., Adult

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