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Friday, November 24, 2017

Picture Book Month - Staff Picks Part 4

We end our celebration of Picture Book Month with our last selection of picture books picked by our staff. I hope you discovered a new favorite picture book. Please share your recommendations in the comments.

"It sparks imagination and it is a touching story."

-Jessica, Library Assistant

"The pictures are beautiful and imaginative. The story is magical and has a message of how a person’s heart can be changed to realize that giving can make a person happier than possessing things. The quiltmaker lady lives to serve other people, and though she has no worldly possessions, she has understanding, compassion, wisdom, and so many attributes that make her a lovely example to a king."

-Wendy, Library Assistant

"The lesson learned: honesty."

-Janice, Supervising Library Assistant

"I cry each time I read this.  It is a wonderful picture book that teaches about the importance of choosing kindness."

-Lisa, Supervising Library Assistant

"I got it as a birthday present from my son 8 years ago!"

-Mina, Metrics Librarian

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