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Saturday, August 19, 2017

No Eclipse Glasses? Make a Pinhole Projector!

FCPL is unfortunately unable to provide library customers with eclipse glasses, but we have put together a handy resource guide, which includes a link to reputable eclipse glasses vendors. You can access all of that information here.

If you can't find eclipse glasses in time for Monday, one great alternative to buying them is to view the total solar eclipse through a pinhole projector. The best part? You can get your hands on one of these easily, cheaply, and quickly.

Pinhole projectors can be made of various materials, but the instructions from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center are especially user-friendly. With a cereal box, some scissors, paper, aluminum foil, tape, and a little patience, you can create a pinhole camera that allows you to view the eclipse indirectly but safely.

You can also join us at several FCPL branches for livestreaming of the total solar eclipse from within the path of totality (transmitted by the Exploratorium and NASA). If you're unable to visit during the eclipse, you can access these streams on the Exploratorium's website and mobile apps, or on NASA television, via NASA TV feeds, the NASA app, and social media.

However you look at the eclipse, be sure to take proper precautions and protect your eyes!

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