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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Meet ScienceFlix!

"Mad Science Invitation 4," by Martin Cron:

Do you love science, or wish you did? Either way, we've got just the online resource for you: ScienceFlix.
ScienceFlix is a STEM education eResource that features interactive articles, videos, and hands-on projects to help you learn and practice concepts in the areas of Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science, Health & Human Body, Physical Science, Tech, Math & Engineering, and other major fields of scientific study. Within these categories, you can find even more specific content areas--for example, “Earth Science” includes “Atmosphere and Weather,” “Climates of the World,” “Climate Change,” “Extreme Weather,” "Rocks and Minerals," "Oceans of the World," "Earth's Interior," "Earthquakes," "Volcanoes," "Geologic Time," and “Continental Drift”--and ScienceFlix lets you choose how you want to learn about the topic.
Do you learn best with clear visuals, or a mixture of visuals and audio? You can watch a short video on the topic.
Need more detailed information, so you can ace that test or science project? Read a brief, authoritative article on the topic, then "Dive Deeper" into subtopics and "Explore More" with even more specific articles, and check out lists of related websites. Once you feel pretty confident that you understand the concepts, visit the "What Do You Think?" and "Show What You Know" (quiz) pages to test your knowledge.
Are you more of a hands-on learner? Do you need to do something to really see how it works? Head on over to the "Science Lab" for projects and experiments you can do at home, with stuff you most likely already have in your house.
Additional highlights:
  • You can adjust the Lexile measure of an article to multiple reading levels, and links are also provided to help you easily look up words as you read and email or print the article. There's an option to hear the text read aloud as well. All of these options are available in English and Spanish.
  • Of special interest to teachers and homeschoolers is ScienceFlix's “Teacher’s Resources” page (link in upper top right corner on main page), where you will find lesson plans for students grades 4-9.
  • Learn all about careers in the fields of science you're studying! For instance, if you're into volcanoes, you might want to become a geoscientist. You can easily browse related careers from each topic page.

The best part? Fresno County residents can access all of this great material on FCPL's website, for FREE. All you need to do is find ScienceFlix in our "News & Research" online resource listing, or on our Homework Center, and log in with your Library card barcode!

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