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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Win it Wednesday: Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World

Every Wednesday we will give away a new book. For a chance to win, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you'll be entered into a drawing. The drawing will run from Wednesday through 11:59 PM Friday and winners will be announced on Mondays. (Note: you must be a Fresno County resident to be eligible for Win it Wednesdays.)

Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World by Bill Nye the Science Guy & Gregory Mone

Jack and his foster siblings Ava and Matt are not your typical kind of orphans--they're geniuses. Well, Ava and Matt are, anyway. Ava speaks multiple languages and builds robots for fun, and Matt is into astronomy and is a whiz at math. As for Jack, it's hard to stand out when he's surrounded by geniuses all the time. Things get even more complicated when the trio starts working for Dr. Hank Witherspoon, one of the world's leading scientists. The siblings travel to Antarctica with Hank for a prestigious award ceremony, but they quickly find that all is not as it seems: A scientist has gone missing, and it's up to Jack, Ava, and Matt to find her and discover who's behind it.

Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World, the first installment of an exciting new series created by science educator Bill Nye, weaves real-world science with action, adventure, and a mystery that will have readers guessing until the very end.

Update: Jordan H. is this drawing's lucky winner!

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