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Thursday, March 16, 2017

National Panda Day

compiled by Kristin Baer, E-Services/Web Marketing Librarian

It's National Panda Day, and we're celebrating these unique and lovable creatures with all things panda!

Below, find books about China's giant pandas, or featuring them as characters, live Panda cams from some of the biggest zoos, and cool facts about giant pandas.

Panda Books

Click on the links below to locate these reads in our catalog and check 'em out. Search our catalog to find even more!

A Perfect Time for Pandas (Magic Tree House #48), by Mary Pope Osborne

Magically transported to southwest China to find the final object needed to break the spell on the wizard Merlin's beloved penguin, Jack and Annie take a side trip to the world's largest giant panda reserve.

Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep, by Barney Saltzberg

High in the trees in the middle of the night, all of the pandas are sleeping--except for Chengdu, who tries everything to fall asleep until he finds the perfect spot (on top of his brother, Yuan).

Chu's Day, by Neil Gaiman; illustrated by Adam Rex

Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze. When Chu sneezes, bad things happen. But as Chu and his parents visit the library, the diner, and the circus, will anyone hear Chu when he starts to feel a familiar tickle in his nose?

Dear Panda, by Miriam Latimer

Missing her friends after moving to a new school, Florence writes a letter to the panda at the zoo next door, asking him to be her friend, before meeting another little girl who shares her love of pandas.

If You Were a Panda Bear, by Wendell and Florence Minor

If You Were a Panda Bear introduces young children to different types of bears, through charming pictures and poems.

Panda Kindergarten, by Joanne Ryder and Katherine Feng

Follow a day in the life of the giant panda cubs at China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong Nature Preserve in China.

Panda Math: Learning About Subtraction from Hua Mei and Mei Sheng, by Ann Whitehead Nagda, in collaboration with The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo pandas, Hua Mei and Mei Sheng demonstrate subtraction principles through their daily activities.

Panda-Monium!, by Cynthia Platt; illustrated by Veronica Vasylenko

What does a Panda do when his tummy rumbles? He looks for bamboo! But Beckett the Panda doesn't notice the two pandas behind him, and the growing numbers who follow, as he searches for crunchy, munchy bamboo--and panda-monium ensues! This bouncy, rhyming read-aloud offers an entertaining lesson in counting.

Panda Pants, by Jacqueline Davies; illustrated by Sydney Hanson

As far as one young panda is concerned, there are LOTS of reasons to love pants. Pants are soft. Pants keep you warm. Some pants even have...POCKETS! Unfortunately, his father insists that pandas do not, under ANY circumstances, EVER wear pants.

But what if a pair of pants could save the day?

Panda Rescue: All About Pandas and How to Save Them, by Kitson Jazynka with National Geographic Explorer Daniel Raven-Ellison

This book takes us up close to giant pandas to learn all about their lives, the challenges they face, and what we can do to help them survive.

Pi-Shu the Little Panda, by John Butler

Pi-shu, a young panda, and his mother are forced to search for a safer place to live as humans destroy their natural habitat.

Live Panda Cams

Happiness Village Pandas

iPanda - Travel to China without the long plane ride, and meet the inhabitants of Chengdu Panda Base. 

San Diego Zoo Panda Cam - Meet Gao Gao, Bai Yun, and Xiao Liwu.

Smithsonian National Zoo's Giant Panda Cams - Get to know Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei.

Toronto Zoo's Giant Panda Cam - Follow Er Shun and Da Mao, as they go about their daily lives.

Zoo Atlanta's Panda Cam - Join Lun Lun, Yang Yang and their female twins Mei Lun and Mei Huan, for bamboo-munching, play, and more.

Panda Facts

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