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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dragon Slayers' Academy series

Dragon Slayers' Academy by Kate McMullan

The adventures of a young peasant boy Wiglaf of Pinwick and his 2 friends during their stay at Angus' greedy Uncle Mordred's school (Dragon Slayers' Academy, or DSA) set in the Middle Ages.

Catch this series from the beginning:
  1. The New Kid At School
  2. Revenge of the Dragon Lady
  3. Class Trip to the Cave of Doom
  4. A Wedding For Wiglaf?
  5. Knight For A Day
  6. Sir Lancelot, Where Are You?
  7. Wheel of Misfortune
  8. Countdown to the Year 1000
  9. 97 Ways To Train A Dragon
  10. Help! It's Parents Day At DSA
  11. Danger! Wizards At Work
  12. The Ghost Of Sir Herbert Dungeonstone
  13. Beware! It's Friday the 13th!
  14. Pig Latin - Not Just For Pigs
  15. Double Dragon Trouble
  16. The World's Oldest Living Dragon
  17. Hail! Hail! Camp Dragononka
  18. Never Trust a Troll!
  19. Little Giant - Big Trouble

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