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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Stuff

We are always getting new stuff!!! Check out what's come in this week!!!

The Children of the Lost, by Franklin W. Dixon
The Zombie Chasers, by John Kloepfer
Canyon Echoes, by Jerry B. Jenkins
Double Fault, by Jerry B. Jenkins
R2-D2 and Friends, by Simon Beecroft
Ghostopolis, By Doug TenNapel

Tiny Invaders in your Backyard, by Lou Bensinger
Baby Animals of the Ocean, by Carmen Bredeson
Born to be Giants: How Baby Dinosaurs Grew to rule the World, by Lita Judge
The Lewis and Clark Expedition, by John Perritano
Solar Energy: Running on Sunshine, by Amy Hansen
Cells and Cell Function, by Carol Ballard

Beginning Chapter Books:
Grace the Glitter Fairy, by Daisy Meadows
The Secret of the Sacred Temple: Cambodia, by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Princess Sophia and the Prince's Party, by Vivian French

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